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Since Derek’s early years he has always shown a passion for speaking and creative writing.  After graduating with a BFA in 1994 he followed a career in advertising and marketing.  For twenty years in the industry he  learned how to present new designs and conceptual marketing strategies to clients.  He learned the significance of giving presentations and the importance of speaking to different businesses to meet their needs.  Moving on he started working  for Apple Inc once he had moved to Australia.  There he found a desire to speak performing various workshops, hands on training events, specialty group lectures, internal presentations on company procedures and product tutorials.  Excelling in this area he became one of the  trainers specializing in giving presentations, educating groups and one on one training.

Derek performs weekly speeches about business, work/life/balance and living a healthy lifestyle through the wonders of nutrition.  These topics many of us struggle with on a daily basis.  “Making small adjustments can create bigger changes.  It is hard when you look at the big picture or painting of our entire life and the part that hasn’t yet been painted.  Many of us panic at the void of a blank canvas or we may even look at what we did in the past and try to change it.  If we just focused on what is important now and did a little bit each day at the end of the year we would have accomplished much more than we ever thought was possible.  A masterpiece!” ~Derek Zemmin



Laura Imbert


“Derek is a great speaker. He  transforms hard concepts into simple ideas illustrating them with exemples and little games. After his speach I felt he had given me some kind of present.”

Rhi Thistlethwaite


"For someone who is quite aware of my surrounding, the importance of food and mindset; I was still blown away by the knowledge and break throughs I had being coached by Derek. He has such an unbiased, non judgemental approach that makes you feel comfortable within minutes of his presence. I love how he doesn't just give you information, he goes above that and gives you proof that his information works for others and has been proven by well know named people in the world. Thank you for everything you have done for me Derek. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without your wealth of knowledge and passion to help others. "

Nutritional Therapist & Speaker


The information provided is designed to help educate and create awareness of nutritional health as it relates to food consumption, hydration, lifestyle, and related activities.  A nutritional therapy program is not a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or care of a disease, illness, or injury by a medical provider.  These programs are to be used as a guide and to monitor progress in achieving health and wellness goals.  It is not intended to substitute advice from  health-care professional.  Always consult with a physician or health-care professional before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.

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